Children at Heart
Monday, February 11, 2008 - Patricia Allaf

Children at Heart

Just take a moment and look up Matthew Chapter 18. As you read these passages, sit back and reflect upon the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ask yourself, do I commit myself and my family to our church, having my children plant the seeds of faith in their hearts? Now read Matthew 18:2-5 again and carefully look at the spiritual message being taught. Jesus placing a child on his lap became an object in how highly God values humility.


Children are at the heart of Jesus’ passion. They are eager to learn, innocently believing everything they are told, and they share their love. Children also can be taught the same Bible truths as adults hold dear to their hearts. With children you can introduce these truths in smaller amounts.  An illustration would be to think about what you feed your children. For example, children are fed in smaller amounts or for even younger children the food is cut into smaller pieces. We can do the same thing when we teach the Holy Bible. For example, the Bible teaches that Jesus is interceding for us in heaven right now (see Romans 8:34). Many of us would think that children would have a difficult time understanding this passage. However, it would be easier for them to understand if said for example in the following manner: "Boys and girls, did you know that Jesus is talking to God about you right now?" A simple sentence but yet a lesson that will remain in their hearts and minds when repeated every Sunday during their childhood years.   In Sunday School bible lessons, this powerful message can be reinforced over and over.


It is important that young children learn about the character of God before they learn about their responsibility to God.  Once children understand His character, they will want to respond to Him with all their hearts. For example, as toddlers when they understand that God is love, and that He loves them, they will respond to Him in love.  1 John 4:19 says, "We love Him because He first loved us" (NKJV).  Attending church and being involved in children’s programs unveils the full truths about the goodness and love of God. May God bless you all and may His grace continually abound toward you.



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