Archdiocese Sunday School Retreat
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 -

Archdiocese Sunday School Retreat

Archdiocesan Sunday School Teacherís Retreat


On Saturday, May 30th St. Paulís church in San Diego hosted the Sunday School Teacherís Retreat. His Eminence Archbishop Mor C. Eugene Kaplan presided over this event, along with Rev. Fr. George Toma, Rev. Fr. John Saif, Rev. Fr. Ephrem Adde, Rev. Fr. Fadi Yousif, and Rev. Fr. Boulos Yacoub. Diocese program director Mrs. Patricia Allaf welcomed all the attendees and distributed curriculum booklets and PowerPoint CDís to all the churches. There were teachers representing the various churches of the Western Diocese and His Eminence expressed his utmost gratitude for all participating members.  The retreat focused on the ďThe Creed of the Syriac Orthodox Church, Understanding Our Symbol of Faith.Ē


Following the welcoming and opening prayers, Patricia Allaf, began the retreat by introducing the foundational aspects of the Creed and itís development in our church. Further discussion continued on the Creed and interpretations were made on each passage. Teacherís had the opportunity to ask questions in order to better understand the deep spiritual content of how the Creed is our symbol of faith.


Lunch was then served for all and it was graciously prepared by the hosting church, St. Paul of San Diego. Rev. Fr. Fadi expressed his great joy for the clergy and teachers to come to San Diego and be able to discuss and share the goals of the Archdiocese Sunday School Program.

The meeting then resumed with a question and answer session. The following topics were addressed:

-    Archdiocesan Camp

-       Students involvement in the Divine Liturgy (more participation)

-       Childrenís Sermon (once a month)

-       Ceremonial Communion

-       Handbook of theological Terminology for Sunday School Teachers

-       DVD ĖInterpretation of the Divine Liturgy

-       Next Clergy and Sunday School Teacherís Retreat

(Santa Barbara, October 3 & 4th)


The question and answer sessions are a very important and beneficial communication period for all attendees to express their ideas and suggestions. All final decisions are made with the blessings of our Eminence and Reverend Fathers and teachers. The Sunday School Diocesan Committee is composed of teachers representing the various churches of the Western Archdiocese. This is our fourth meeting and with the grace of God we hope we can continue to teach the word of God to the future leaders of our church, our children.


The meeting concluded with prayers and a special thank you to Rev. Fr. Fadi Yousif and St. Paulís Church for hosting the event.





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