Iraqi Ambassador in USA visit to San Diego
Wednesday, July 09, 2008 -

Iraqi Ambassador in USA visit to San Diego


On July the 2nd the Iraqi Ambassador who is the United States visited the San Diego area. He invited religious representatives of various denominations to speak about current issues. Bishop Sarhad Jamo, Chaldean Church in San Diego, Father Fadi Yousif, St Paul Syriac Orthodox Parish Priest and Father Felix, St Peter Chaldean Church, were among the representatives. The main issue for his Excellency visit to San Diego is to discuss the possibilities of opening an Iraqi Consulate in California. Church representatives affirmed the significant part that the Iraqi community plays in the San Diego area which is composed of over 50,000 people.

Church representatives also pointed out that immigrants in diverse societies need to be able to create a balance between integrating into the new society and also sustaining the principles and values of their mother country. And such a balance would not happen without establishing a Consulate Center that would help and support the Iraqi community. Hence, the large Iraqi population in San Diego would be a very helpful and supportive base for all.   

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