Cell Phones as the Kingdom of the God
Friday, May 15, 2009 - Mina Askar


Cell Phones as the Kingdom of the God

            Cell phones are like the Kingdom of God. Each cell phone has many chips, or parts that make the cell phone work. Experts try extremely hard to add desirable parts, like cameras, to the cell phone. If the parts do not work, the experts decide that the parts are not needed. Cell phones are all around us now. People cannot go anywhere without them. Cell phones link us all to people all over the world.

            We, the Children of God, are the chips that make up the cell phone. All of us together make up the Kingdom of God. God is like the experts because he wants all of us to become part of his Kingdom. If we do not live out his will, we will not get to live happily in his Kingdom. Just like cell phones are all around us, the Kingdom of God is all around us. The Kingdom of God connects us to people from all over the world in Heaven

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